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Who Are We?

Threesixty Architecture is an architectural practice that has studios across Scotland. With a strong history of repeat work, we continue to deliver considered design for buildings, places, and spaces.

We work across most sectors including:

Retail, Leisure, Commercial, Residential, Community, Healthcare, and Industrial.

We are continually pushing ourselves to what is best and not just what is easy, and we are committed to creating the best environment for a client, user and wider community. We deliver these projects using our multicultural talent across the practice. Our multilingual studios are currently fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and Gaelic!


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  • Adrian Robinson Architect
    Adrian Robinson

    A core member of the practice since 2005, running all manner of tricky projects from conception through to completion. Exceptional technical ability, always right and generally awesome at everything.

  • Alan Anthony Architect - Managing Director
    Alan Anthony

    Alan founded the practice and is responsible for the strategic direction of architecture across all our studios. He has considerable experience in fast track commercial projects and masterplanning. He tries very hard not to be a control freak.

  • Ana Blanco Architectural Assistant
    Ana Blanco

    Urban and landscape design are Ana's main architectural interests but she puts passion into every project. Architecture is her first love, attending as many lectures and talks as possible, but she is also a big lover of animals, plants, music (all genres) and photography.

  • Anthony Fusi Architect
    Anthony Fusi

    Having returned to Glasgow to join Threesixty after 7 years in Manchester, Anthony has worked on multiple sectors including commercial, hospitality, health, blue light and retail. He is passionate about his espresso and still believes he will one day write a Christmas number one.

  • Anthony Hubbert Architect
    Anthony Hubbert

    Architect, running enthusiast, music fascist. His love of all things design is balanced by his pathological loathing of all things soft rock, with a special hatred reserved for Bon Jovi.

  • Asya Ballantine Architectural Assistant
    Asya Ballantine

    Asya has an eye for symmetrical facades and modern rustic interiors. She enjoys model making, rendering and photography. A fan of fluffy animals such as pandas and highland cows, she is very keen on animal welfare.

  • Aurora Tallon Architect
    Aurora Tallon

    Originally from Madrid, Aurora joined Threesixty in 2013 and immediately adopted Kevin (our Minion). She contributes to our international atmosphere with her warm European influences. Always willing try new things (haggis, Irn Bru, Bovril, etc), Aurora lives life with a smile!

  • Ayoola Olorunda Architectural Assistant
    Ayoola Olorunda

    Ayoola has a keen interest in healthcare design, and the adaptive reuse of historic and derelict buildings. Her passions include travelling, exploring the Highlands, photography and waving at dogs in the hope they wave back. She has an unhealthy obsession with anything strawberry based.

  • Charlie Follett Architectural Assistant
    Charlie Follett

    Charlie is a Part 2 who loves using his research into school and education design. He is eager to engage with any client and their project and strives to get involved with all things Threesixty. In his free time he is often found excitedly exploring theme parks or running through the Highlands.

  • Christy Doherty Architectural Assistant
    Christy Doherty

    Christy is the second shinty player to join Threesixty and, along with Neal, has the ambition to create a Threesixty team. She loves travelling around the big cities of Europe, a passion probably born from spending most of her life in the quiet suburbs of Bearsden.

  • Craig MacKenzie Architectural Assistant
    Craig MacKenzie

    Craig is undertaking his ‘year out’ in our Inverness studio. He is very passionate about football, and always up for a laugh. He loves to make a good architectural model, has a keen interest in sustainable design and hates being unorganised. Craig, alas feels like an outcast when it comes to the tea and coffee round, as he doesn’t drink either!

  • Douglas Allan Technical Manager
    Douglas Allan

    Dougie is undoubtedly Threesixty’s unflappable technical guru with a background in Building Control that's vital when challenged. This marathon man has an eye for detail, great technical sketches and a penchant for bikes, beer and big boxes, proving all the best things come in small packages.

  • Elena Sanchis Architectural Assistant
    Elena Sanchis

    Originally from Valencia, Elena now feels like she is living in the North Pole. To keep warm, she is often found running, cycling or hill walking with her dog. Sensitive about the environment, she has a keen interest in sustainable architecture.

  • Gillian Allan Architect - Director
    Gillian Allan

    Gillian has a twin thing going on, dividing her skills between Community and Retail projects, she is passionate about exceeding the Client's demands and end user's expectations. Design focused yet commercially aware. More 'twice as nice' than 'double trouble' she also loves running and eating.

  • Gina Colley Architectural Assistant
    Gina Colley

    The tallest person in the Glasgow studio, Gina is never afraid to try new things. From mountain biking in skinny jeans to becoming the resident photographer / filmmaker, she does everything with positivity and creativity.

  • Giovanni Pesiri Architect
    Giovanni Pesiri

    Gio and his wardrobe joined Threesixty in 2009, and brought with him/it an entire redefinition of the term ‘colourful’. Gio continues to successfully deliver a variety of projects no matter what the scale, and when something is broken and needs to be fixed Gio’s the man with the right tools.

  • Grace Brown Architectural Assistant
    Grace Brown

    Grace is a Part 1 from the Mackintosh School of Architecture. She has a keen interest in urban design and regeneration. Grace’s biggest passion is anything to do with zombies which is unusual, being a vegetarian.

  • Kieron Goodman Architect - Director
    Kieron Goodman

    Being one for the detail, Kieron brings this focussed attention to the studio in all matters. A skilled all-rounder he loves the complexity in a challenge and finding that perfect solution that ticks the shared goal box. Once he’s done all that, he eats biscuits then runs.

  • Kirsty Cadger Architectural Assistant
    Kirsty Cadger

    Usually composed & astute, Kirsty’s a slightly untamed and sporty Part 1 student. Despite the strength of a diamond, she’s partial to a Bridget Jones moment, maybe due to her inability to say no to a night out. Best known for her weightlifting skills, dented smile & banana bread.

  • Kirsty Collins Architectural Technician
    Kirsty Collins

    With experience across many sectors and a strong delivery record, Kirsty is always looking for new challenges. She is very detail orientated and loves a good excel spreadsheet. As a follower of science and technology advances, she eagerly awaits the affordable driverless car to take her robot avatar to work while she spends more time outdoors working on her Scottish tan.

  • Laura McLeod Architectural Assistant
    Laura McLeod

    Joining Threesixty as a Part 1 student in 2013, Laura brought her unique energy and laughter to the team. Don't be deceived by her ditzy ways and questionable geography skills, Laura has determination and a love for life that she brings to the studio.

  • Laura Ronald Practice Administrator
    Laura Ronald

    Laura has been here since the beginning. She heads up the practice administration and finance for Threesixty, and takes care of the dirty work like payroll, credit control, purchase ledger and sales invoicing. Her bossy and flirty nature comes in handy for this role!

  • Mantas Skirmantas Architectural Assistant
    Mantas Skirmantas

    Mantas joined Threesixty Architecture so he could finally get to play with LEGO in the studio. Being active and outdoorsy, Mantas brings yet another bicycle into the Threesixty garage making Alan slightly concerned about the safety of his car.

  • Neal Hemingway Architect
    Neal Hemingway

    Neal joined our Inverness studio in 2012, then migrated south to our Glasgow studio after the lure of the big city lights was too strong. When not working on a wide variety of projects, he enjoys connecting with his teuchtar routes through a game of Shinty.

  • Paul Hegarty Architect
    Paul Hegarty

    Originally from Belfast, Paul moved to Glasgow in 2003 to study at the Art School. After uni, he worked in Canada, then on to Perth before returning to Glasgow. Paul has a love of any sport which has led him to becoming a qualified ski instructor and still believes he could make it as a professional ice hockey player.

  • Paul Masini IT Manager
    Paul Masini

    Paul is our IT specialist with over 16 years experience in 'dealing' with Architects. He's a former Scottish bowls internationalist who enjoys a wee Chateauneuf du Pape and malt whisky. He also has a strange obsession with zombie apocalypses and shoes.

  • Paul Pointon Architect
    Paul Pointon

    Paul initially joined the Inverness studio as a student in 2013. His impressive array of shirts and enthusiasm was then brought south to the Glasgow studio. A fluent Gaidhlig speaker, Paul has enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects the length of Scotland.

  • Rachael MacLean Architectural Assistant
    Rachael MacLean

    Rachael completed her Part 1 placement with Threesixty and has returned to the Inverness studio for the summer. She is a fan of a lot of sports, but having not owned a pair of trainers in four years admits to being a spectator most of the time. She loves model making, anything potato based and a good blendable eyeshadow.

  • Rebecca Trainer Architectural Assistant
    Rebecca Trainer

    Rebecca is one of Threesixty’s Part 1 architecture students, here to pester everyone and ask silly questions in her quest to know as much as Rolf. To her shame, she only makes a tea round when there’s some cake to accompany it, but cuts a mean lime for Friday beers!

  • Richard Scott Architect
    Richard Scott

    Owner of the studio's most powerful facial hair, this ex-Samson of architectural drawing produces outstanding quality work. An admirer of strength, particularly in terms of concept and cups of tea, but also has a delicate side and love of a good detail.

  • Rolf Basler Architect
    Rolf Basler

    Rolf thrives on complex projects with challenging conditions. As a registered architect in both the UK and Germany, he has delivered all scales of project. He enjoys his black coffee best in a small cup.

  • Rory Kellett Architect - Director
    Rory Kellett

    Rory loves Architecture and the Highlands. In 2008 he combined these passions and opened our Inverness studio. With lots of experience across the Commercial, Retail and Residential sectors, he has developed a strong team who deliver projects across the north of Scotland.

  • Sheila Blazquez Architectural Assistant
    Sheila Blazquez

    Combining her passion for painting and engineering, Sheila settled on architecture as the perfect career. Understanding the details of how buildings are put together is the aspect she enjoys most. Moving from Madrid to the Scottish Highlands, she has traded the capital city for rural life to expand her architectural experience.

  • Skye Sturm Architectural Assistant
    Skye Sturm

    Skye loves the collaborative aspects of architecture and likes to get hands-on in her work. Originally from Alaska, she has a passion for northern design and experience in scaring off bears. In her free time, Skye can be found either hiking, camping, or in the kitchen baking treats.

  • Sonia Paterson Practice Accounts
    Sonia Paterson

    One for a leaving present, Sonia joined Threesixty in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2014. With her financial expertise she takes care of our book keeping needs. Now a mum of two Sonia works part time enjoying a healthy balance of work and personal life.

  • Stefano Faiella Architect - Director
    Stefano Faiella

    [Noun, Italian, Ste-Fa-No] 1. To cause accidental breakage/spillage. Doing a Stef 2. Acoustic: Loud. Very Loud. Stef Loud. 3. Work: doesn’t wait for that special project. Every project is special. 4. Partytecture: goes to work to play with friends.

  • Stuart Graham Architect
    Stuart Graham

    A BIM specialist and fan of sketching with fat felt tip pens, Stuart likes a challenge and has a track record in the design and delivery of complex schemes across a range of sectors including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Hospitality and Education.

  • Vicky Hazell Architect
    Vicky Hazell

    Vicky has experience across a variety of sectors, with a particular interest in timber technologies, no doubt due to her Canadian roots…eh. A fan of motorsport, cycling and running, her big aspiration is to one day take part in an Ironman triathlon.

  • Victoria Jarvis Architect
    Victoria Jarvis

    Vicky is our specialist in all things arty: museums, art schools (new and old) and visitor centres. She is also Vice-President of the GIA. When she has spare time from Threesixty and her Veep duties, she plays the flute as it’s really small, just like her.

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