Eolas Pavilion - Design as a Collaborative Process

Paul Pointon
Sep 21, 2016

Having worked at Threesixty for over 3 years, Paul from our Glasgow studio has graduated, completing his studies at University of Strathclyde. Here is a look at his Post-Graduate Diploma Thesis Project - Design as a Collaborative Process: Development & Execution of a Community Consultation Tool - which involved collaboration, a nationwide community engagement process and a ‘live build’ pavilion.

The premise of the ‘Eolas’ Pavilion was to create an architectural dialogue with communities. The trailer provided the means of mobility, allowing the pavilion to travel the length of the Glasgow chapter from Dumfries to the Isle of Coll, inhabiting communities for a set period of time. Clad in vertical timber battens the pavilion acted as a large scale public intervention which housed a public fuelled art piece. This took the shape of a data map, generated by asking curious residents a simple architectural question, and asking them to contribute their own opinions.


When transformed the structure played host to events, workshops and exhibitions organised by the communities themselves and the GIA [Glasgow Institute of Architects]. The use of temporary, removable pieces of hooked furniture that attach to the pavilion’s exterior allowed the built form to become an interactive piece of architecture.

The ‘Eolas’ Pavilion is a piece of architecture without bonds, the structure can occupy a community and depart without leaving any marks.