Icelandic Trekking Cabins

This competition entry was a collaboration between the Glasgow and Inverness studios to produce the concept design for a series of Icelandic trekking cabins. 

Concept 1: Huldufolk Hus:  The local vernacular has inspired the design of the trekking cabin, deep flanking walls protecting a large central living volume. This provides not only the environmental benefits inherent in the form but also a familiarity that is appropriate for the varied locations where the cabin could be placed throughout the island.

Concept 2: The Compass Hut: Inspired by the Vegvisir, or ‘sign post,’ the design radiates around a central communal space, evoking the feel of gathering and telling stories around the fire. The hut is conceived as a pure geometric form, a welcome, glowing refuge which touches the landscape lightly yet carries its own presence.

Client: CDS NORD

Location: Iceland

Status: Competition

Year: 2016