Greenside Farm


Paterson Estate




Planning Consent

This proposed housing development expands Rosemarkie in line with the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan, and provides a mix of unit size and scale that is comparable with surrounding context of 1, 1.5 and 2 storey houses.

The character of the design response is very deliberate and seeks to work with the local vernacular, maintaining the rural feel of the village. The scale of adjacent properties is respected and the surrounding landscape is brought in to the site via extensive areas of proposed open green space. 

The housetype aesthetic takes cues from the style and form of the historical settlement of Rosemarkie, embracing the use of prominent active gables and well-proportioned fenestration. Buildings are pushed forward to address the street edge, creating an intimacy and enclosure to the development. Narrow pedestrian lanes increase pedestrian permeability and the development is stitched together with varying boundary treatments. A combination of stone and rendered walls, railings and timber fences are used to define spaces and ensure that the development is not just a collection of isolated houses.