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One team, many talents

To us, who is more important than what. We can provide you with a team of thinkers, designers, detailers, do-ers, creators. Whoever’s needed, when they’re needed.

One team, many talents

To us, who is more important than what. We can provide you with a team of thinkers, designers, detailers, do-ers, creators. Whoever’s needed, when they’re needed.

Who Are We?

Threesixty Architecture is an architectural practice that has studios across Scotland. With a strong history of repeat work, we continue to deliver considered design for buildings, places, and spaces.
We work across most sectors including:

Retail, Leisure, Commercial, Residential, Community, Healthcare, and Industrial.

We are continually pushing ourselves to what is best and not just what is easy, and we are committed to creating the best environment for a client, user and wider community. We deliver these projects using our multicultural talent across the practice. Our multilingual studios are currently fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, and Gaelic!


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Laura Ronald

Practice Administrator

Laura has been here since the beginning. She heads up the practice administration and finance for Threesixty, and takes care of the dirty work like payroll, credit control, purchase ledger and sales invoicing. Her bossy and flirty nature comes in handy for this role!

Adrian Robinson

Architect - Director

A core member of the practice since 2005, running all manner of tricky projects from conception through to completion. Exceptional technical ability, always right and generally awesome at everything.

Stefano Faiella

Architect - Director

[Noun, Italian, Ste-Fa-No] 1. To cause accidental breakage/spillage. Doing a Stef 2. Acoustic: Loud. Very Loud. Stef Loud. 3. Work: doesn’t wait for that special project. Every project is special. 4. Partytecture: goes to work to play with friends.

Paul Hegarty

Architect - Associate Director

Originally from Belfast, Paul moved to Glasgow in 2003 to study at the Art School. After uni, he worked in Canada, then on to Perth before returning to Glasgow. Paul has a love of any sport which has led him to becoming a qualified ski instructor and still believes he could make it as a professional 'Hungry Hungry Hippos' player.

Louise Main

Architectural Assistant

Louise has spent time exploring and working in various UK and overseas locations, but she is at her happiest at home in the Highlands. She has a keen interest in sustainable architecture and how design can create a positive social impact, nurturing sustainable communities. In her spare time, she has taken up the challenge of learning to flyfish, and can generally be found outdoors with her dog at her side.

Douglas Allan

Technical Manager

Dougie is undoubtedly Threesixty’s unflappable technical guru with a background in Building Control that's vital when challenged. This marathon man has an eye for detail, great technical sketches and a penchant for bikes, beer and big boxes, proving all the best things come in small packages.

Kirsty Cadger


Kirsty joined us as a student in 2014. She has since studied abroad in the Czech Republic and Canada and completed a masters in distillery design. With a vast sporting background as both player and coach her skills are in team management, communication and knee injuries. Kirsty has experience across many sectors but has a particular thing for whisky distilleries.

Christy Doherty

Architectural Assistant

Christy is the second shinty player to join Threesixty and, along with Neal, has the ambition to create a Threesixty team. She loves travelling around the big cities of Europe, a passion probably born from spending most of her life in the quiet suburbs of Bearsden.

Tom Dryburgh

Architectural Technician

Originally from Inverness, after having worked abroad on a wide variety of projects in Vietnam, Dubai and London, he has returned to Inverness to practice and pursue his career in the Scottish Highlands. During the weekends he enjoys hillwalking and being outdoors in Scotland’s fine weather.

Rory Kellett

Architect - Director

Rory loves Architecture and the Highlands. In 2008 he combined these passions and opened our Inverness studio. With lots of experience across the Commercial, Retail and Residential sectors, he has developed a strong team who deliver projects across the north of Scotland.

Neal Hemingway

Architect - Associate Director

Neal and our resident “Idea Generator” joined the Inverness studio in 2012 moving south to Glasgow a year later. With strong conceptual skills Neal enjoys taking on a challenge. When not working on a wide variety of projects, he enjoys connecting with his northern routes through a game of Shinty.

Aurora Tallon


Originally from Madrid, Aurora joined Threesixty in 2013 for a short internship and has stayed on since. Focussed in the social impact of design and always willing to try new things (haggis, Irn Bru, Bovril, etc) and start new ideas (community gardens, swap shops, time banks…), Aurora lives life with a smile!

Kieron Goodman

Architect - Director

Being one for the detail, Kieron brings this focussed attention to the studio in all matters. A skilled all-rounder he loves the complexity in a challenge and finding that perfect solution that ticks the shared goal box. Once he’s done all that, he eats biscuits then runs.

Richard Scott


Owner of the studio's most powerful facial hair, this ex-Samson of architectural drawing produces outstanding quality work. An admirer of strength, particularly in terms of concept and cups of tea, but also has a delicate side and love of a good detail.

Gerry Grams


Born and trained in Glasgow and with every breath he takes, Gerry is passionate about the city he lives and works in. With too many years’ experience in architecture, urbanism and academia and in both private and public sectors, he believes that a strong concept should be good enough to be visible at the end of a project.

Richard Thomson

Senior Architectural Technologist

Richard joined Threesixty in 2022, having delivered work across many architectural disciplines and applying this accumulated technical knowledge to a wide range of our projects. To keep fit & healthy, Richard is a keen badminton player and enjoys spending time with his noble steed, Wilson, at the weekend.

Giovanni Pesiri


Gio and his wardrobe joined Threesixty in 2009, and brought with him/it an entire redefinition of the term ‘colourful’. Gio continues to successfully deliver a variety of projects no matter what the scale, and when something is broken and needs to be fixed Gio’s the man with the right tools.

Gina Colley

Architect - Associate Director

As a general design enthusiast, Gina loves taking on a new challenge. Particularly interested in accessible and inclusive design, she always ensures a people-first approach. From modelmaking to DIY, she loves making things by hand, approaching everything with positivity and creativity.

Louise Fields

Senior Architect

Louise joined the studio in 2022 and has a diverse background across Residential, Education, Commercial and Hotel sectors. With projects spanning across the UK, Louise enjoys being able to take projects from inception to completion with Clients. With a love for the outdoors, Louise recently opted to re-locate to Inverness and looks forward to spending weekends in the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands.

Grace Brown

Architectural Assistant

Grace is a Part 2 student from the Mackintosh School of Architecture. She is interested in urban regeneration and the social impact of design on communities. A strong believer in the design value of modelmaking, you will probably find her in our onsite workshop, creating models for our studio and our clients.

Oliver Kaminski


Oliver joined the Glasgow studio after having worked in both Germany and the UK in a variety of sectors. Despite his passion for technical design, Oliver also enjoys contemporary arts and literature and often exercises his technical and creative skills to design and build custom-made furniture.

Ross Marshall

Creative Lab - Director

Ross is our 3D Visualisation expert. He uses his architectural background to turn the most abstract concepts into exciting 3D creations. With over 15 years’ in all things 3D he's an experienced artist with an eye for detail and a creative spark. Ross loves film, far-flung travel and will happily recount the time when he had an inside tour of Pixar.

Alan Anthony

Architect - Managing Director

Alan founded the practice and is responsible for the strategic direction of the business. He devotes much of his time to project inception, concept development and design review. He has a particular passion for vision led regeneration and reinvention of urban centres and this sits well with his current position as Scottish Chair of Revo (the retail property and placemaking community).

Fiona Ferguson

Architectural Assistant

Weightlifter and amateur badminton player, Fiona, is fascinated by the complexities of design and loves getting into the detail of every project. When not hyper focused on tasks, she can be found lurking in the kitchen looking for the latest bit of birthday cake or banana bread.

Douglas Dykes

Senior Technologist

Douglas joined the studio in 2022 and has a background in Commercial, Education and Healthcare sectors, spanning over 20 years. He views on-site delivery as the fundamental aspect of any project, with several past projects obtaining industry awards.

Molly McGrath

Architectural Assistant

Molly is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for all things green. With a year’s experience working in the Himalayas, she takes precedents from the natural landscape for her designs, creating buildings that complement their surroundings. She enjoys the topic of people focused architecture where a design is integrated into the community as well as the urban context.

Asya Ballantine


Asya has an eye for symmetrical facades and modern rustic interiors. Originally from Bulgaria she has a passion for exploring new horizons and facing challenging design briefs. Asya has an individual and unconventional approach to design and has demonstrated a strong will to think outside the box. A fan of furry animals such as pandas and highland cows, she is a keen animal welfare enthusiast.

Anthony Hubbert

Architect - Director

Architect, running enthusiast, music fascist. His love of all things design is balanced by his pathological loathing of all things soft rock, with a special hatred reserved for Bon Jovi.

Mauricio Ventura

Video Producer

Originally from Washington DC, USA, Mauricio joined us as our first-ever in-house video producer. He predominantly captures short documentaries, dramatic films and has been fortunate to work in multiple countries. His objective now is to help shape the stories that can be found within Threesixty Architecture. When not learning about his craft, he enjoys other activities, such as jogging and video games.

Struan Morrison

Architectural Assistant

Struan joined the studio in 2022 with a keen eye for environmental design, visuals and anything workshop related. As an enthusiast of designing and playing guitars, Struan spends his time stagediving at gigs and trying to convince Anthony Hubbert that Whitesnake are the greatest band ever.

Erica Shaw

Architectural Assistant

Erica joined 360 in 2022 from Strathclyde with a fascination for how people interact with buildings and a keen interest in developing a contemporary Scottish vernacular. Commonly found exploring her adopted homeland by foot, boat or rollerblade, navigating between gin distilleries, its a surprise how she has time for crocheting and knitting.

Sam Wilson

Architectural Assistant

Sam likes to point out he's not a sports fanatic, but does love to travel. He has worked in Barcelona, Melbourne, London and Wellington, but says these are culturally poor in comparison to Threesixty Glasgow. For some reason he likes really loud socks.

Rebecca Trainer

Architectural Assistant

Rebecca joined as a student in 2014, and loving the design culture and values of Threesixty she jumped at the chance to return full time in 2017. In addition to her role as aspiring visioneer for the transformation of unloved retail environments, she can often be found educating the younger team members on the fundamentals of 'partytecture'.

Anthony Fusi

Architect - Associate Director

Having returned to Glasgow to join Threesixty after 7 years in Manchester, Anthony has worked on multiple sectors including commercial, hospitality, health, blue light and retail. He is passionate about his espresso and still believes he will one day write a Christmas number one.

Hayley Peel

Architectural Assistant

Originally from Canada, Hayley joined the Glasgow studio with a passion for urban design that can be used to solve social and environmental concerns. A jill of all trades and master of most, Hayley spends her free time picking up random hobbies from crocheting and sewing her own garments to latte art that will surely qualify her as the studio barista.

Hannah Drummond

Architectural Assistant

Originally from the Highlands, Hannah studied at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen before returning to pursue her career in the Inverness studio. At the weekends you can find her traversing the Scottish hills hoping to bag all the Munros.

Gillian Allan

Architect - Director

Gillian has a twin thing going on, dividing her skills between Community and Retail projects, she is passionate about exceeding the Client's demands and end user's expectations. Design focused yet commercially aware. More 'twice as nice' than 'double trouble' she also loves running and eating.

Paul Masini

IT Manager

Paul is our IT specialist with over 16 years experience in 'dealing' with Architects. He's a former Scottish bowls internationalist who enjoys a wee Chateauneuf du Pape and malt whisky. He also has a strange obsession with zombie apocalypses and shoes.

Jurij Bereznyckyj

3D Visualiser

Jurij is our 3D Visualiser. Growing up in the Czech Republic, he has a love for hiking, travelling and beer. He found Scotland to be a good fit after moving in 2017 to study English and pursue his 3D graphics passion, achieving a degree at Caledonian University. After working in Aberdeen for a couple of years, Jurij moved to Glasgow to join our team. 

Join our Team?

We love to share in our success. If you’re interested in being part of our culture and work environment then we’d love to hear from you.