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We have recently submitted, for Full Planning Approval, proposals to significantly refurbish the Kyle Centre in Ayr into a retail and leisure led destination.

Our latest project in the retail / leisure sector is the redevelopment of the Kyle Centre in Ayr. The current centre, in the heart of Ayr is ‘buried’ within the urban grain of the town centre. The only real presence it has is a 6m wide entrance building on High Street that is understated and in a rather dated late 1980’s aesthetic. This, coupled with the general demise of town centre retail has led to the decline of the Kyle Centre as a retail destination.

Our scheme seeks to reinvent the centre as a dynamic leisure led offer with the introduction of a new multiplex cinema at first floor level built on the site of existing elevated service decks, complemented with a number of new F&B units in the former retail units at ground floor level, albeit with the option to retain a proportion of retail should the market dictate that this is desired.

A new contemporary fully glazed entrance building is proposed for the High Street. This provides a double height space and maximises light and views into the development. The existing mall and top lit central space will be reinvigorated with a complete refurbishment to transform them into a new ‘street’ leading to an ‘urban square’ surrounded by new F&B units, providing a new meeting place for Ayr. The new Cinema foyer is located at the upper level of this space and is accessed via new lifts and a central feature stair.

It is hoped that the new centre will help to transform the town centre and will act as a much needed catalyst to bring a leisure led evening economy to further aid the renaissance of Ayr. The project should start on site in early 2016 and be complete and open in the spring of 2017.

More information on the project can be seen by clicking here.