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I must admit that when I saw the significant lack of orange garments in my own wardrobe I thought…if I don’t have orange, who will? This could be a tough day… Well, I was wrong! Check out the daily video!

Once again I was impressed by everyone’s step up in performance! Some very amusing group photos…you have all become true Rainbow Warriors! I even suspect you are all enjoying yourselves!!!

There are some great outfits and given the fantastic introduction of props, our top 3 today had to be extended to a top 4 and it focuses on Accessories!

A special mention to Glasgow Taxis who had their annual outing today and as you will have seen our friends at East Park sent us pictures from inside a hackney!

Given how easy BLUE THURSDAY should be for everyone… I’m expecting some top photos!

Oh… We’ve broken the £2000 barrier!… so, can we get to £3K? Donation page link below!