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Well… the clock is ticking down on Rainbow Week! All that is left is Rainbow Saturday! But before that…

The headlines from Red Friday were…

….360s and Atelier Ten’s group photo on the street almost causes a few car crashes.

….On the day Woolgar Hunter almost lost their superpowers, G&T find a new heroine!

….Morgan Sindall officially reveal they have the most coloured walls ever in an office.

….ERZ take branding to the next level.

….TLD Dallas finally convince Graham Reid to take part.

….Jo Madden at PMP is discovered with some rather suspect mocassins!

…and our top 4 went to ‘Fancy Dress!’

EAST PARK held their annual prize giving for the kids and workmates today and I’m delighted to say that RAINBOW WEEK got a special mention and cheer from a very red looking bunch of kids, teachers and families!

We have now raised almost £2400 pounds and we’re still hopeful to break the next barrier!

There is still time to give at

Watch this space to find out the conclusion of the event!