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We’re delighted to announce that Threesixty Architecture has won a 2 stage design competition to create a new Community Centre at Aultbea for ARC (Aultbea Regeneration Company). Following development of the proposals with ARC and the local community, the proposals have recently been submitted for detailed Planning Approval.

Aultbea Community Centre is inspired by the forms of the traditional Scottish Blackhouse, and Aultbea’s Nissen Hut. The internal space forming the main hall is enclosed by ancillary accommodation which read as habitable walls. The main hall itself responds to the community’s aspiration for a vaulted ceiling that is top lit, to give a light and airy atmosphere whilst maintaining a sense of protection and enclosure.

External View

Framed views to the distant Torridon mountains have been captured in the main café area. This acts as a social hub connecting the community to the activities that will take place within the hall, providing a tranquil well lit space for reflection.

The elegant form of the vaulted roof is carried through to the plan, using the building’s fabric to create a dynamic entrance sequence, siphoning people into the building and allowing the internal spaces to unravel and reveal themselves to the visitor. The gable end of the barrel roof is glazed to flood the entrance with light. The walls have been expressed in robust white harling, and the curved roof in patinated profiled metal, to echo the rich agricultural heritage of the area.  

Internal View

The use of robust, yet contemporary and honest, materials will allow for an inspiring but grounded building of its place. The building will be constructed within a modest budget and an integrated services approach, with the focus being on the quality of spaces and how these are interconnected for the most efficient use of the space.

You can see more images for the project here.