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Throughout our office we love model making and embracing new technology. Bringing both passions together we decided it would be fitting that the first prized possession in our new Threesixty model making workshop is a 3D printer.

This tactile approach to architecture has allowed our office staff and our Clients to be physically involved in the design process. From massing models to scaled design details the 3D printer has allowed us to touch, test and develop concepts and designs.

The possibilities are endless and we are continually looking to develop and push our design ideas. Our ambitions are to create a model making workshop that uses a range of different media combining traditional handmade model making with 3D printing. After each model is created they can be displayed in our office, allowing our clients and colleagues to engage with the range of projects that we are working on.

Below is our first test model for one of our Inverness projects.

3d Text Model