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Over the past few months we have enjoyed developing design and technical ideas for a new nursery school in Gambia. Doug, in our Glasgow studio, was approached by a friend who works for the Ebo Town Community Project, and we are very pleased they have engaged with us to provide architectural services for a new nursery school in the Ebo Township, Gambia.

The local area is prone to flooding during the wet season, exposing the community to diseases such as cholera and malaria as a consequence of the unhygienic living conditions. This project aims to bring a degree of stability to an area that has had an impoverished past.

The brief comprises of three classroom blocks (each big enough to hold 40 children per class), with associated ancillary and sanitary accommodation, and a good sized safe and secure playground. The design intent is still in the development stage, however we have more or less settled on a plan form that has been discussed with the Gambian authorities, with the view of construction commencing in October 2016.

Proposed site at Ebo Township, Gambia

As a company we are donating our time, and the charity’s aspiration is that the majority of build materials would be gathered from donations.  A number of national companies are already getting involved, offering interesting collaborations associated with the project. ETCP have confirmed that shipping will be organised and paid for by the charity through the use of shipping containers. If anyone would like to assist, in what is developing into a highly interesting and rewarding project please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can read more specific information on the charity by clicking on this link: