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The Poster is a great example of a medium for graphically communicating information in a simplified or stylized way, and can tell a story through its composition, colour palette and style. Inspired by iconic travel and railway posters dating from the 1920’s-1950’s, we have transformed a number of our projects into a series of vintage artworks, enlivening our workplace and meeting rooms.

Threesixty’s back catalogue of work has no overriding “house style” or enforced design mentality that might link our projects. Instead we adopt a site and brief specific approach to our architecture that is tailored to meet each individual client’s requirements.  These posters provide an opportunity to present the varying building types, sectors, styles, and scales, in a coherent and unifying manner.

This graphically exciting technique allows us to promote the work of the practice in an original and beautiful way, and gives Threesixty Architecture a point of difference from the standard architectural photoshoot. The process has allowed us to engage with graphic design, furthering the practice’s love and interest in a wider range of artistic and cultural design mediums.

We hope you enjoy them.