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Our previous website was developed in 2014 and successfully helped to reflect the cultural aspirations of Threesixty to an online audience. Leading with our People and our Values the feedback to our site was very positive. It was different, it was fresh and it reflected us.

However we always like to keep improving, and over the past months have been working hard to refresh certain areas of the site. We are happy to say that this is now complete and we have launched Threesixty website V2.0!

So what have we upgraded?

A clear target was our Projects page. We have introduced new features where a user can locate a project geographically, or browse via a list ordering our projects by year, status, sector or title. Hopefully you’ll agree the project imagery is fresh and eye-catching too!

Our Blog has changed to News. It is now structured more like a news feed with a simple interface to see featured posts and related stories.

Our Culture page now includes videos! We are pulling through content from our video channel, and we have also created a social wall that pulls in posts from our various social media feeds.

There are also other wee tweaks and changes that you’ll just need to find as you explore the site!