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Like many businesses at the moment, we are going through a process of review and investigation to understand what impact our own business has on our environment. As a professional services business our Carbon Footprint is limited to the running of our premises and our modes of business transport, however we can still better manage our energy consumption and operational factors, and set a goal to reduce our carbon and waste footprints.

We started looking at our Carbon Footprint in detail in Summer 2020, and took time to analyse how we operated as a business across 2019 (a typically normal year!). We looked at the detail of what we consumed, what we wasted, how we travelled, and how we commuted. This exercise helped us to understand our annual impact and create a benchmark for how many tonnes of Carbon we use, and how much Waste we produce. Having this base knowledge allows you to interrogate where improvements can be made. From a long list of target ‘savings’ we have quickly identified the easy wins to reduce energy consumption or waste production and have started implementing these into our strategic and daily working methods. Hopefully, when we return to our studios later this year, we will begin to see the benefit of this work, by observing lower power / fuel consumption, better waste management and a corresponding reduction in operating costs.

Tied to our Carbon Reduction Strategy is our Carbon Offsetting Strategy and how we balance our past, current and future Carbon usage by offsetting, helping us to move towards becoming a Net Zero Carbon business. Supporting local businesses who share Threesixty’s Values is at the heart of our Vision, and we are very fortunate to be able to choose an ‘offsetting’ partner who we currently work with. Trees For Life is a conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands and we are delighted to be partnering with them to design and deliver their Rewilding Visitor Centre in Dundreggan (you can read more about this project here). We have recently committed to offsetting a total of 100 tonnes of Carbon (for 2019 and 2020) with Trees For Life and we look forward to continuing to support their conservation projects well into the future.

Being one for the detail, Kieron brings this focussed attention to the studio in all matters. A skilled all-rounder he loves the complexity in a challenge and finding that perfect solution that ticks the shared goal box. Once he’s done all that, he eats biscuits then runs.