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At Threesixty Architecture we have annually employed ‘year-out’ Architectural Assistants. This ‘year-out’ typically occurs between a student’s 3rd and 4th year of university. It is a year where a student can gain practical and professional experience within an architectural practice that will support their journey to becoming a qualified Architect. We plan, as a practice, to give our ‘year-out’ staff a memorable and exciting year with Threesixty where they gain a rounded insight and exposure as to what it takes to be an Architect.

To support this we have developed a Handbook titled ‘Part 1 Year-Out Objectives’ which is provided to new Part 1 staff when joining us. Its aim is to provide an awareness and guidance as to what should be expected and strived for during a ‘year-out’ and follows closely the RIBA’s Professional Experience and Development Record (PEDR) criteria. Our intent is that by defining tasks under the criteria, a Part 1 assistant can clearly understand what skills they can seek and obtain to ensure they receive a balanced year-out.

In addition to the guidance within our Handbook we assign our new Part 1 staff a mentor to give one-to-one support and to make sure they have the opportunity to experience the many different tasks and responsibilities that an Architect takes on. To make sure they obtain a comprehensive ‘year-out’ experience a mentor shall regularly review progress. These reviews give an opportunity to discuss and assess development across the PEDR Criteria and the objectives within the Handbook. It is also a welcome opportunity to receive feedback on how Threesixty can continue to improve the ‘year-out’ experience we offer.

We are proud of our long-standing commitment to support young students making their first steps into the professional world of architecture, and we’re particularly proud to say we now have staff who originally joined us on their ‘year-out’ that are now fully qualified Architects, and mentoring the future generation of Threesixty.

Being one for the detail, Kieron brings this focussed attention to the studio in all matters. A skilled all-rounder he loves the complexity in a challenge and finding that perfect solution that ticks the shared goal box. Once he’s done all that, he eats biscuits then runs.