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Aultbea Community Centre


Aultbea Regeneration Company






Planning Consent

Threesixty Architecture have achieved planning consent for a new community hall for Aultbea, on the west coast of Scotland. The project is being led by a local community group to replace an existing hall and we have worked closely with the stakeholders to develop a brief which meets the aspirations and needs of the users whilst providing flexibility and adaptability to change.

The existing hall with its vaulted ‘Nissen hut’ roof is in a poor condition but well-loved locally. We developed concepts which reflected and reinterpreted that in the new building, giving a valuable link to the past and a sense of place.

The new Aultbea Hall is a simple form which is economical, robust and appropriate to its exposed location. Analysis of the site has led to an arrangement of the building to take advantage of some spectacular views.

Internally accommodation is intended to be flexible – supporting various uses through creative arrangement and design of multi-use spaces. The hall has been designed to accommodate a range of community groups, performances, events and sports activities.