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Barclays Campus






On Site

Threesixty Architecture were appointed to design a series of amenity spaces within the three buildings in Buchanan Wharf, Glasgow that form the new Barclays Campus. In collaboration with their Design Team our initial scope involved determining requirements for ‘lifestyle and culture’ spaces throughout the Campus. These spaces would be either open to the public or private to Barclays staff and would form the community heart of the development.

Our experience and knowledge of our city was brought to the fore in this commission. We analysed the locality, the community, and the city demographics to best determine the required needs and wants of the project.

Using the information from the results of this Briefing and Study process we were tasked with designing key amenity spaces including the Marketplace (the main food destination on the campus), the Wellness Suite (the focus for staff’s fitness, activity and mindfulness), the Agora (a secluded gathering and presentation space for staff), the Lifestyle / Community Space (a public space that has multi-functional use as a gallery, a cultural exhibition space, a lecture room), and a Pop-Up space (another public space that allows the ‘pop-up’ of community businesses within the campus).

Prototyping elements of the interior fit-out

The project was an excellent and successful process of collaboration across many design and technical disciplines.

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