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Bon Accord Cinema, Aberdeen






Planning Consent

We have along standing relationship to support our client Capreon with varying types of projects in the Bon Accord Centre in Aberdeen. The latest project due to commence on site in 2021 is a 4 screen Cinema development.

This project involves integrating the Cinema auditoria into the existing centre and resolving the technical challenges that are posed by incorporating this type of use into an existing building. The new Cinema presents an outward facing entrance to the public via a repurposed courtyard service space. This is linked back to the public street through a refurbished pend. Our design looks to knit the tenants design aspirations for the Cinema into the existing centre but create an interesting new public route and space on approach to the entrance.

A challenging aspect of this project is resolving the integration of the Cinema with the existing facilities and the complex requirements of a live construction project on a restricted city centre site within an operational shopping centre.