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East Kilbride





Distell’s principal business (formerly Burn Stewart Distillers) is the distillation, blending, bottling and marketing of Scotch whisky brands worldwide.

Our Client acquired a 6 acre site located at West Mains Road in East Kilbride, immediately adjacent to their existing bottling plant and dry goods storage facility. The brief is to phase develop this new site to accommodate a new blend centre and maturation warehousing to establish a fully integrated facility and centralised business operation in East Kilbride. The challenge for the Masterplan was to deliver the most efficient layout for the process buildings and infrastructure and maximise the potential for warehousing.

Unlike other distilleries, the urban nature of the site required us to consider and capitalise on the visibility and prominence of the building in its context. The design focus is on the Warehousing and the prominent South-East corner and elevation where the branding, artwork and colour palette take cues from iconic distillery buildings from the Scottish Isles.