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Design Proposals

Our Client Landsec challenged us with a brief to develop a new Retail Store Model to attract internet retailers to occupy traditional retail space. This would allow the Landlord to position vacant retail space with a different offer.

The focus initially will be on Retail Park environments and existing vacant units at Lakeside Thurrock Retail Park has been used as the pilot project.

Retail has changed significantly over the last few years. The market is constantly adjusting to find a balance between traditional ‘brick & mortar’ retail and the world of internet retailers. Retail Park environments offer a specific opportunity. They have evolved in recent years to be largely occupied by furniture, white goods and bulk item retailers. This is also a strong internet market, with retailers such as (Made, Load, Swoon etc). Therefore, both share potential customers.

The idea is to transform an existing retail unit to potentially accommodate multiple users in a flexible/pop-up environment, with each tenant notionally occupying 500-1000 sq.ft.