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Edgewick Park Model

Threesixty Architecture were comissioned by the Wrigley Group to produce an achitectural model to be exhibit in their headquarters building in Stockton House. The key objective for the model was to illustrate the legacy of the Wigley Group Brand within the 40 Acre historic site in Edgwick, Coventry through the years by representing key construction phases since the 1979 land ownership.

The model highlights the following key historic stages:

  • First land aquisition in 1979
  • Remainder of land aquisition in 1986
  • Subdivision of site from 1989 till present day including current site layout

This narrative was showcased through two models. The first showing the progressive development of the site through a graphic timeline etched onto perspex supported by colour and text. The second shows the site in more detail in a 3D representation carved out of plywood and walnut. The tactile quality of materials and lighting strategy produces an elegant and sophisticated model which is now showcased in the foyer of The Wigley Group’s headquarters.


Posted on

January 26, 2022