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Gas Holder Bases

Threesixty’s entry for this RIBA design competition was the result of a close collaboration between our two studios that proposed new uses for existing gasometer bases across a variety of National Grid-owned sites in the UK.

Following the deconstruction of the original frame and gas holder tank, we proposed the introduction of subterranean data centres with elderly care accommodation above to meet the increasing demand for data storage on the one hand and care facilities for our ageing population on the other. These seemingly unlikely partners complement each other in that the excess heat generated by the data centre can be harnessed and used to provide warm, comfortable and sustainable homes for the elderly.

The form of the care community structures echoes that of the gas holders. The introduction of a central core provides vertical circulation, structural support and a heat extraction source. The storeys are constructed of adaptable accommodation modules, stacked vertically and partially rotated, to create a series of stepped, shared terraces; this design favours community interaction and provides vital access to green space on every level for every resident, while the urban park provides an essential link between all residents and the wider community.


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July 9, 2019