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Healthy Living Centre


Local Authority and Centre Asset Manager


Southeast England




Design Proposals

This Healthy Living Centre will be a ‘one stop shop’ providing medical/health services and community facilities in a highly accessible existing building. The proposal repurposes the first floor of the town’s struggling shopping centre to create a catalyst for new wellbeing and civic uses that will reconnect the community with the town centre.

Arriving on the first floor via an existing vertical route, the Healthy Living Centre accommodation is arranged in a cruciform layout. An internal ‘streetscape’ leads visitors through the Centre to two bright courtyards which serve the GP and Community Services areas to each side. This active street has various different zones where people can meet to work, eat and play. The finishes emulate hard wearing natural materials, while street furniture and ‘parklets’ support a range of activities for all ages.

The welcoming waiting ‘courtyards’ will feature natural or artificial roof lights and an abundance of greenery. A variety of seating arrangements will accommodate the differing needs of visitors. These recognisable spaces will serve as passive wayfinding devices as visitors move through the various areas.