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Port of Leith Distillery




Leith, Edinburgh





Our proposals to create a vertical distillery in Scotland has been a hugely enjoyable experience, working very closely with our Client who have set out to create a new whisky business with Innovation, Education and Openness placed at the forefront of its operations.  The design brief for the building was expressly aimed at encompassing these values by creating an exciting and modern face for the scotch whisky industry.

The gravity-led design provides an opportunity for visitors to experience a distillery like never before, getting as close to the production process as possible as they follow the liquid from the mash tun in the centre of the building, down through the ‘brewery’, to the stills on the ground floor. Afterwards, from the rooftop bar and restaurant, they will be able to enjoy a unique view across the Firth of Forth to Fife.

At just short of 40 metres in height, and with a total floorspace of 28,000sqft, the building will become a major new landmark for the city, and a beacon for the many cruise ships that now dock in Leith.