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Princes Square Entrance







We were appointed by our Client to review the existing entrances of Princes Square. The visually rich elevations of the Centre are a key feature of the architecture however this, in part, conflicts with the legibility of the Buchanan St entrances. Our Brief was to define a hierarchy for the entrances, creating a focal entrance that 3-dimensionally connected the inside to the outside, whilst contrasting with the surrounding façade treatment.

The concept is for a single object that sits proud of the elevation, creating height and greater legibility of the entrance, but not so high as to split the regimented Georgian facade. This plane then wraps its way around the complex interfaces and then flows into the entrance corridor. The surface of the object will be formed in metal, adorned with a texture that has been inspired and abstracted from the original peacock artwork. Perforations to the surface will allow the object to be back lit, in turn creating a different visual experience between night and day and reflecting the duality of retail and leisure activities within the centre.

Consideration has been given to the structural solution to ensure minimal disruption to the original fabric of the building. The object will be suspended from the façade, with a similar technical solution to the foliage artwork, allowing for an easy removal and making good of surfaces at a later date if required.

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