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Princes Square Entrance

Princes Square’s elevation, though rich and recognisable, demanded a more prominent main entrance to make it legible to those passing on Buchanan Street, inviting them in, not only to the retail and dining facilities but also to the newly opened Everyman Cinema.

Our solution is a single jewel-like object that, in sitting proud of the elevation, contrasts with the surrounding foliage appliques on the façade. This contrasting object wraps its way into the entrance corridor ceiling and features a perforated texture abstracted from the original peacock artwork. The backlit pattern creates a different visual experience by day and by night to reflect the changing nature of Princes Square through the hours of daylight and of darkness.

Our entrance solution is independent of the listed Georgian façade save for key junctions; this will allow for easy removal and minimum disruption should the Client wish to make changes in the future.


Posted on

July 4, 2019