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Princes Square

Since opening as a shopping and dining destination in 1988, Princes Square has enjoyed a unique position in the identity of Glasgow. Over time, much of its interior had become fussy and dated and our project sought to address this issue and re-establish the square’s status as the region’s premier upmarket shopping and leisure destination. Retaining elements of the original art nouveau sculpture and the stonework of the historic courtyard façade was of primary importance.

As all the interiors and exteriors were listed, we worked with the planners and Historic Scotland to achieve a calmer, more contemporary interior that focussed on the retailers and operators, created theatre through lighting, and reinforced the luxurious character of the centre. Working with local artists, Timorous Beasties, we developed a unique external identity which would generate interest and firmly anchor the centre as a feature on Buchanan Street.


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November 21, 2019