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Springfield Quay


Strathclyde Pension Fund







Strathclyde Pension Fund purchased Springfield Quay in December 2014, recognising the central and prominent location of this leisure destination in Glasgow. Prior to this The Quay has suffered from a lack of investment, all to the detriment of the customer experience. Our scope was to review and propose methods of improving the public realm experience. Poor wayfinding, unclear traffic/pedestrian movement, uninspiring lighting, and the lack of holistic branding strategy to the development all contribute to a tired and disjointed external appearance. 

We have proposed a unifying branding strategy that ‘knits’ various leisure offers together around the north and north-west edge. A bold and prominent lighting strategy, coupled with a new public space aims to draw pedestrians to this area that has historically struggled with unit visibility and success. Proposed waterfront ‘lantern’ signage totems offer a sculptural and signifying cue to the Quay from the city centre.