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Stratton, Culloden


The Highland Council


Culloden, Inverness


On Site

On behalf of the Highland Council we have submitted detailed planning for the masterplan of 150 houses at Stratton near Smithton in east Inverness. The application includes for 9 no. house types varying from accessible bungalows to multi storey flats. The housing layout focuses on creating a sense of place and community through orientation, open space, shared streets, and parking courtyards.

The site is organised around a network of active travel routes and connections, promoting green ways of travel. The designs for the nine house types are contemporary with contrasting elements, yet are sensitive to their highland context. The choice of a simple, robust, and sustainable material palette complements the surroundings. The plans are developed to be flexible and adaptable for a wide range of users.

The Development will reconnect the centre of Inverness with the eastern suburbs surrounding Culloden and will bring a new sense of identity to its community.