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Design Proposals

We were engaged by Sweetdram to establish their UK headquarters to allow them to relocate their production away from France. Sweetdram are a small but ambitious company, currently focused on building their distribution network and positioning their product in the UK and international market.

With projected growth for the business, Threesixty were engage to help set out a robust plan and vision for their newly acquired building and site. The plan needed to be robust enough to accommodate multi-phase development to ensure initial investment and layouts of the building are framed within a long term plan.

Sweetdram are trying to position a strong brand and feel for their product, and we translated this into a design for a facility that is far more than a production site, but an embodiment of their culture and energy.

The first phase focused on production and distribution requirement to ensure the business could rapidly become operational.

The second phase will create lab and office facilities to support the growing business as well as well as allowing them to host events and tastings that give off the real Sweetdram vibe.